Solution de réseau LAN Managé pour les entreprises

Managed LAN

Wifirst designs, deploys and operates your LAN to ensure: security, high availability, traceability, scalability and cost optimisation.

Switch to managed LAN

Outsource your LAN management

Wifirst takes care of your entire LAN project by deploying and operating the entire switch infrastructure corresponding to your needs. Entrust a specialised operator with the management of a network on which all your IP services are based: WiFi access points, office equipment, cameras, display screens, telephones, etc.

We have an efficient structure and innovative tools (SD-LAN mode) that allow us to make strong commitments on the quality and availability of a service that has become absolutely critical for the functioning of companies.


Tailor-made LAN design

Wifirst works with you to identify all your requirements, identify the appropriate switch models and manufacturer solutions, define the equipment implementation plan and ensure the connection and configuration of all ports.

We are very careful in selecting the vendors and models we source (Meraki, Huawei, Ruckus, Aruba, Extreme), to ensure they have the power, robustness and functionality required for our needs and those of our customers.

True to our service model, we take care of everything: network design, equipment installation and configuration, monitoring, maintenance, upgrades and outsourcing.

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A fully managed or co-managed LAN solution with the customer

Wifirst provides network management (deployment, provisioning, configuration, changes, etc.) and troubleshooting in the event of an incident, in particular through the management platforms made available by the various manufacturers.

Depending on the requirements and preferences of each customer, Wifirst can grant full read access, give full transparency to the customer on the operation of the networks or even write access to implement a co-administration policy.

Co-administration allows the client to carry out certain operations independently:

  1. Access advanced technical information about the network and switches: port status and configuration, PoE consumption, hostname and connected device.
  2. Obtain and modify LAN solution configuration: general settings, L3 switch configuration, port configuration.
  3. Obtain and modify the WLAN solution configuration: SSID configuration, radio configuration.
  4. Perform advanced troubleshooting operations (cable testing, TCPdump capture, etc.) on the LAN and WLAN infrastructures.

Wifirst's plus: a supervision software add-on

We have developed a software overlay with applications such as Wifirst Center or Topology that provide an overview of all the networks deployed at the customer's site, the number of users connected, traffic volumes and equipment status. This tool has been designed to offer a simple and ergonomic interface with synthetic visualization levels:

  • Get a global view of all areas of the facilities with a summary of the network status and incidents.
  • Access detailed information on interactive LAN / WLAN maps with the status of each equipment and the number of connected users.
  • Track the resolution of incidents or interventions carried out by the Wifirst NOC.
  • Contact Wifirst Customer Service and open an incident ticket.
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Main issues in managed LAN / SD-LAN

Only a converged managed LAN solution, also known as SD-LAN, will allow you to streamline your infrastructure and improve quality.


The confidentiality and integrity of data must be addressed by implementing several types of measures, including the partitioning of networks (depending on the nature of the flows, but also depending on the technology used (Wi-Fi or wired) and/or the authentication of terminals with the implementation of 802.1X.


Traceability of actions (logical and physical) on the active elements that feed the LAN is essential. Centralised logging, analysis and reporting solutions provide customers with a single, real-time view of the state of network security.

High availability

The availability of the LAN will be managed by taking into account the SLAs offered to the customers, according to several possible approaches, such as active/active redundancy of the equipment or the provision of backup equipment on site.


The LAN is a living environment that is directly correlated to the activity of each customer. We guarantee you a close support and a very high agility when it comes to modifying the configuration or the structure of your LAN.

Cost optimisation

Due to the scale of Wifirst's IT equipment and network design intelligence, we guarantee that outsourcing LAN management is a rational and economical decision.

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