The best WiFi infrastructure (Wifirst + Meraki) on the entire INTERSPORT network

At the end of 2020, the global sporting goods retail giant called on Wifirst to modernise and ensure the reliability of its point-of-sale WiFi networks in its INTERSPORT and Blackstore brands (around 500 shops). These networks are used on a daily basis by INTERSPORT teams to work on the move in their points of sale.


Outsourcing the management of in-store WiFi networks  

Following mixed experiences with several integrators and the start of a migration phase to WiFi 6 technology, INTERSPORT France's IT Department set out to find a leading WiFi player to delegate the deployment and management of its point-of-sale networks.

INTERSPORT's decision to change service provider to a specialist in managed WiFi reflects a fundamental trend: professional WiFi is a complex and critical subject, requiring specific expertise and a great deal of resources, which is difficult to manage internally for large networks of points of sale.

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Capitalise on the technical solution adopted by the IT Department

An initial deployment phase saw several shops equipped with WiFi 6 using a Cisco Meraki solution prior to the collaboration with Wifirst. 

As the solution itself seemed to meet INTERSPORT's expectations, and in order to guarantee uniformity across the entire fleet, Wifirst chose to continue deployment with the same solution based on the Meraki access point models. The Wifirst teams are already highly experienced in Cisco Meraki technologies: Wifirst operates tens of thousands of Meraki WiFi and LAN devices for customers in a wide range of industries, including defence, hospitality, retail and B2B.

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INTERSPORT's IT Department therefore benefits from Meraki Dashboard's advanced network supervision features to monitor activity and performance for each shop, while management remains in the hands of the Wifirst network operations centre (NOC) teams.



Tailor-made radio coverage for every store

Although shops are often built using fairly similar models, each one is unique and requires a personalised approach in terms of WiFi coverage. 
For this reason, each INTERSPORT site is visited by our technical teams to assess the number of access points required and determine their location. This method ensures a high-calibre network in all shops, with no white zones, whatever their specific characteristics.



Managing a national multi-site project

In addition to Wifirst's unique expertise in WiFi technology, INTERSPORT's IT department was won over by Wifirst's rigorous project management, industrial capabilities for both deployment and operation, and understanding of the retail environment.

With tried-and-tested processes, technical resources (tools designed for the specific needs of an operator and developed entirely in-house) and human resources (size and expertise of teams) tailored to the needs of large retailers with numerous sites spread over vast territories, Wifirst's structure is designed to meet the requirements of large retailers with numerous sites spread over vast territories.

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Nearly 250 INTERSPORT and Blackstore shops have already been installed, with Wifirst adapting to the pace of a parallel project to connect the points of sale to fibre lines. Each shop is guaranteed a 4-hour recovery time. If the WiFi service is interrupted, Wifirst is committed to resolving the problem in less than 4 hours, either remotely or on site.



"The choice of the Wifirst solution was an obvious one for us, not only does Wifirst take care of all the installation but also the supervision of all the equipment for all our points of sale."

Eric Goutry
Intersport Store IT Support Manager