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Case Study - The Crous University Residences

Cnous and Crous, overview

Cnous, the French national student services agency is a government-managed network of 26 Crous regional universities across France. Maintaining over 170,000+ beds across 625+ residences, its purpose is to support academic success through financial aid and improved living environments. Additionally, working with various partners, The Crous offers cultural action programmes to help nurture focus, mentoring and energy for success in vibrant student living spaces.

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The Partnership

Wifirst has had a close relationship with The Crous since 2003 when the first student residence at the Aix-Marseille opened its doors. This partnership has led to 17 years of continuous innovation and growth to serve the student market. In 2013 a key milestone was reached as Wifirst’s SmartCampus solution was deployed nationally: 

  • Cost of connectivity bundled within fees paid by students. 
  • Accelerated deployment of new Crous centres.
  • Upgrade of existing infrastructures leading to an increase in speed when also combined with Wifirst Fibre Leased Line service.
Following several years of success with SmartCampus, in 2019 our partnership was strengthened further with the introduction of the Wifirst PlanetCampus service.


PlanetCampus further enhances the services we offer by providing:

  • A significant increase in speed through guaranteed bandwidth.
  • Enhanced coverage on both 2.4 and 5GHz frequency.
  • Private and secure personal WiFi network for each student.
  • Support for an unlimited number of student devices
  • Addition of non-resident guest network
  • Introduction of IoT network for secure connectivity of enhanced services such as wireless door locking.
  • Upgraded Wifirst Center to enable student account administration and customer services through telephone, email, chat and social media.

The Results

Customer surveys have demonstrated to us that students using the service are exceptionally pleased with the internet connectivity provided by Wifirst. This fantastic feedback serves as an excellent reward as it demonstrates a great achievement by the continual improvements made to enhance our solutions.

  • Over 150,000 student rooms equipped
  • Almost 100% of residences are connected to our professional Fibre Leased Line service offering guaranteed speed 
  • User-friendly customer experience with seamless management software interface
Crous Strasbourg
“Having a fast and reliable broadband Internet access is a right that we must guarantee to every student housed. Wifirst delivers this.”

Guillaume Houze
Former Director - The Crous