Barrière hotel Le Royal Deauville room

Case study - Barrière Group

About the Barrière Group


Barrière is a historical leader in the luxury hotel industry with 18 emblematic establishments including Le Normandy Deauville, Le Royal Deauville, Fouquet's, and Le Grand Hôtel Dinard. Barrière group also has 33 casinos that welcome the public for the pleasure of games and shows, and more than 140 bars and restaurants symbolizing the French art of living.

Innovation is an integral part of the group’s culture, which has managed to maintain a prominent place as the head of the modern hotel industry through three generations of owner-entrepreneurs.


The Partnership

The management of the group's connectivity has been fully managed by Wifirst since 2014 (preliminary technical studies, dedicated project team for the deployment of equipment, connection of the network to the Internet thanks to fiber lines, supervision, 24/7 maintenance) allowing Barrière to focus on its core business. In early 2020, the Information Systems Department expressed the need to update its fiber and WiFi infrastructure as part of a program to deploy and renovate its establishments. As part of its digital transformation, the group turned to Wifirst and its partner CommScope Ruckus for this new large-scale deployment.

The Objective

The new infrastructure will both meet business challenges and improve the customer experience.

  • Excellence is an integral part of the service that the group's customers expect. The goal is to ensure that they have a smooth and uninterrupted Internet connection wherever they are in the establishment.
  • The new network deployment will enable the exploitation of emerging technologies in the hospitality sector such as IoT, building automation and artificial intelligence, enhancing operational efficiency within the company.

The Result

The updated infrastructure allows for the introduction of many digital transformation services. Guests can use their mobile devices to make reservations, download their keys to their smartphones and go directly to their rooms, without having to go through the reception. The WiFi network also supports the use of mobile technologies throughout the organisation to improve the productivity and convenience of the group's 7,000 employees.

Key facts about the partnership between Barrière and Wifirst:

  • 7 years of partnership
  • 18 hotels and 1,761 rooms connected
  • 33 equipped casinos
  • 999 WiFi terminals operated
  • Hundreds of business seminars that benefit from a dedicated WiFi offer
Barrière Hotel l'Hermitage swimming pool
“The WiFi solution developed by Wifirst with CommScope RUCKUS will help us achieve our vision of digital transformation. The challenge was to find a business partner who will help us find an economically viable, reliable and scalable solution to adapt to the new uses of today and tomorrow. We had a double need for connectivity : it is very important that our customers are fully satisfied with our services and we need to be able to simplify the daily lives of our employees by giving them access to the best technologies on the market."

Emmanuelle Anglade
Managing Director Trade, Marketing and Technology, Barrière Group