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The Louvre Hotels Group, overview

Louvre Hotels Group is a significant player in the global hospitality industry, with a portfolio that now includes 1,700 hotels across 60 countries. Louvre Hotels and Wifirsts' partnership started in 2019 when Wifirst was entrusted with Campanile Dartford. Following a highly successful deployment, all 18 Louvre Hotels Group UK properties were subsequently equipped with WiFi as a Service and Fibre Leased Lines provided and fully managed by Wifirst. In 2021 Louvre Hotels Group demonstrated an extended trust in the partnership by again selecting Wifirst to enhance their hotel WiFi network services in Europe.


The Challenge

Louvre Hotels Group had previously invested in a WiFi infrastructure that served them well for many years, but as guests were bringing in newer devices, the single band network had begun to show its age. Guests were noticing low signal levels and reporting that the WiFi was running slowly. Louvre Hotels Group wanted to resolve this before it became a more significant issue for guests, and put their trust in Wifirst to deploy an up-to-date solution.

The Solution

After conducting comprehensive wireless surveys, Wifirst was contracted to decommission all old networks and install, commission, and manage new Guest WiFi services in addition to Fibre Leased Lines, effectively fully rewiring all hotels and directly connecting them to the Wifirst backbone to provide dedicated bandwidth and guaranteed speed. Consequently, guests now have reliable, fast WiFi access throughout the hotel to complement their stay.

The Result

Guests now have reliable WiFi access throughout all UK hotels, enabling them to access the internet with blindingly fast speeds. Furthermore, a secondary secure and encrypted network has also been created to connect wireless payment terminals to facilitate card payments throughout all properties. All networks are now fully managed by Wifirst, meaning that the Louvre Hotels Group can rest easy knowing that their internet access is now fast, reliable, secure and robust.

Campanile Seminar
"We are quite satisfied with the new WiFi installation from Wifirst and have not received any complaints or error messages from our guests since then. "

Réné Gedigk
Louvre Hotels Group - Cluster Manager