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Xior Student Housing benefits from the latest WiFi technology in Spain

Xior Student Housing overview

Across 8 countries, 42 cities and always in a central location, Xior Student Residences are a place of comfortable and safe student rooms where the demands of the modern students are met. Usually at close proximity to the educational institutions, the Xior student room meets quality standards and leaves students free to focus on studying and enjoying their student years to the fullest.


The Challenge

Xior was looking for a connectivity partner to provide a WiFi network with 100% coverage of the entire facility, like in Collblanc Barcelona. It also needed a network that would allow integration in some cases of third parties, as done in the Zaragoza project, as well as a specific network for the centres' staff.

The Solution

Wifirst installed WiFi 6 in all establishments, along with a redundant Wibox to ensure 100% availability. To facilitate future third party integration and to have a specific network for staff, Wifirst designed a solution called WeConnect where it was mandatory to go to a converged network for some centres. In Zaragoza's case, fibre has been launched between buildings for a single, unified management, a highway that will be used by more services in the centre itself, as if there were no physical separation between them.  

The Results

Since the integration of the Wifirst infrastructure, Xior has seen an increase in satisfaction - like in Loftown Barcelona - massive use of the network by the students and by the staff of the establishments, establishing standards defined by Xior - like 100% coverage as done in Collblanc Barcelona.

Now, Xior sites with Wifirst technologies in Spain have full management of the WiFi network as well as its monitoring in case of incidents.


"We are delighted with Wifirst's service because their credibility and professionalism in dealing with projects gives us peace of mind. We were looking for a technology partner and we have found it".

 Julia Tor

Xior Operations Manager Spain