The customer's voice at the heart of Wifirst's approach!

Léna Ansari (UK)
29 May 2019

In order to constantly improve the user experience, Wifirst has set up three complementary satisfaction measurement appliances. Since the beginning of the year, more than 35,000 user surveys have been sent and we have received 5147 responses, representing a return rate of 14.8%.

  1. The Diduenjoy tool allows you to conduct satisfaction surveys. Every month, more than 2500 surveys are sent by e-mail to customers and users of our services.

  2. The customer service satisfaction survey makes it possible to assess the relevance of the response to a customer request. This post-contact system makes it possible to collect the user's feedback on the quality of the exchanges and to ensure that processing times are respected.

  3. The call campaigns carried out with facility managers provide complete feedback on the service provided and highlight recommendations for service improvement.

After the measurement, the action!

Having NPS-type steering indicators (recommendation rate) or satisfaction ratings on the main elements of our services allows us to challenge our actions and identify specific points for improving the service provided by Wifirst.

Measuring customer satisfaction alone is not enough, this is why we carry out post-evaluation actions. For example, if a respondent sends us a negative comment, we contact him directly by e-mail via the platform to regain his trust," says Eric Hénaff,  Customer Experience director.

Listen to the customer's voice

We regularly ensure that the processes are respected, but it is possible that, although they are respected, they no longer fully meet the customer's expectations. It is at this stage that the customer's voice takes action and allows us to adjust our way of doing things and enrich our processes, products and services.

It is the difference between the quality produced and the perceived quality, our objective while maintaining a high level of quality, is to reconcile these two determining factors so that the user's expectations are always met. Today, it is rooted in the genes of customer service that it is imperative to listen and use users' opinions to progress. Eric Hénaff, Director of Customer Experience. 

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