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Established in 2002, through in-depth knowledge and understanding of WiFi technologies, Wifirst has become a market-leading WiFi & Internet Service Provider.

WiFi, a technology which is...



Universal technology that almost all electronic equipment needs to function.



Technology that allows a tailor-made deployment approach by integrating customer requirements and specificities.



WiFi is evolving faster than cellular networks. Every 5 years, on average, a new standard is approved.



WiFi is a complementary technology with cellular networks, such as 5G.

The challenge of WiFi coverage in complex environments

WiFi is a very powerful wireless technology. However, the circulation of radio waves can sometimes be disturbed in certain types of complex environments. These disturbances will have an impact on the coverage of the WiFi network and/or on the performance of the network. In both cases, this will impact the connection experience, either by the appearance of white areas or by the degradation of the quality of service. There are indeed several types of factors that can influence the coverage and quality of the network, the main ones being: materials, ceiling height, obstacles (shelving, for example), user density or even interference with other electronic equipment.


Research & Development

The Wireless Broadband Alliance, in coordination with WiFi hardware manufacturers and operators, innovate to regularly improve WiFi standards.

  • From our foundation in 2002, research and development into WiFi systems, applications and technologies have been of paramount importance to Wifirst. For this reason, we have an in-house department dedicating their full attention to WiFi Research and Development.
  • We pride ourselves on providing an industry benchmark in the selection and deployment of the most efficient WiFi technology to meet our customer's needs. Ensuring in-depth surveys of frequency bands and radio interference issues are completed to provide the very best service possible.
  • Our ongoing participation in WiFi standards workgroups has, since 2014, ensured that Wifirst is at the forefront of next-generation WiFi technology. From today's standard of 802.11 ax (WiFi 6) and beyond, our extensive knowledge comes from years of research and development to the benefit of our customers.

Installation & Configuration

Wifirst provides WiFi as a Service, which, unlike other providers, isn't merely selling of hardware and ongoing support. As a provider of WiFi as a Service, we are 100% responsible for the continuous running of the service from day one. This means that Wifirst will provide a much higher quality WiFi network, and far superior service, than other providers.

  • We use a unique proprietary mobile application to support advanced and comprehensive technical site surveys at all our customer sites.
  • A thorough and careful examination of all possible service disruption elements is completed to make sure factors such as frequency, signal to noise ratio, and channel capacity are all taken into consideration.
  • Following a site survey, a technical report is compiled, allowing us to design your network providing optimum dual-band coverage (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz).
  • Following deployment, the hardware configuration takes place, customising the service to your exact requirements, ensuring the channel selection is correct along with transmission power and many other details.
  • All of these details are stored within our proprietary applications enabling us to respond quickly with any future support requirements, whenever needed.
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Centralised support & operations

Wifirst works hand-in-hand with WiFi technology manufacturers to ensure our centralised management tools are consistently providing excellent service, enabling our centralised support and field-based engineers to provide a consistent and dependable level of support. Amongst many others, our management tools provide us with the ability to:

  • Administrator all WiFi Access Points installed in customer sites 24/7.
  • Review network performance statistics and make changes where needed.
  • Provide our field support team with the necessary tools to handle any WiFi or ISP related incident to keep downtime to a minimum and ensure normal service is resumed quickly.
WiFi centralized supervision

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