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numa signs a MSA with Wifirst to support their digitalisation across Europe 

The numa Group, leading the way as Europe's top operator of fully digital hotel platforms, has recently joined forces with Wifirst through a master service agreement to streamline connectivity across its properties in Europe. This strategic alliance ensures seamless connectivity, perfectly aligned with numa's commitment to delivering an exceptional digital guest experience, all while adapting to the group's dynamic nature.

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The best of proptech at the service of travellers

At numa digital integration isn't just a goal—it's a reality, with processes spanning reservations, accommodation allocation, property maintenance, accounting, and beyond, reaching an impressive 80%. And when it comes to the guest journey, it's all digital, with self-registration, check-out, and mobile app communication making for a smooth and convenient experience. The ultimate goal? Reducing operational costs, boosting agility, and enhancing efficiency to prioritise customer satisfaction. In this landscape, dependable WiFi connectivity is no longer just a convenience—it's a necessity.

This all-digital promise, for both internal processes and those related to the customer experience, implies the use of numerous technologies. Wifirst's approach is therefore the answer to numa's digital transformation challenges: By addressing those challenges and taking full responsibility for network management, Wifirst empowers numa to stay focused on its core operations, with the assurance of uninterrupted connectivity.

Indeed, Wifirst assumes full responsibility for the infrastructure, relieving numa of worries regarding service provider management or potential disruptions such as radio interference affecting connected locks or WiFi failures impacting reservation management software. 

The benefits of a unified network

The European roll-out project is a testament to our ability to ensure scalability and consistency in our solutions. numa now benefits from fully unified infrastructures and a smoother network configuration that includes third-party IPTV, Chromecast, CCTV and door lock technologies across all Wifirst-equipped venues, allowing numa's operational staff to focus solely on the customer experience and their brand.





A standardised solution across Europe 

 By choosing Wifirst for this project, numa's Information Systems Department has partnered with an experienced supplier offering a comprehensive one-stop-shop solution, incorporating multi-technology and multi-operator capabilities. The Wifirst network's extensive reach and reliability, backed by collaborative agreements with major operators and alternative players across Europe, ensure smooth operations.

Wifirst's engineering and deployment teams have consistently demonstrated their ability to meet tight deadlines as properties are launched across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Italy, Portugal, the UK, and Denmark. Future expansions are already in the works, with plans for additional deployments in Spain and France.
With the finalisation of a framework agreement, this collaboration between NumA and Wifirst marks just the beginning, promising a wave of exciting developments on the horizon.