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Digital Signage solutions for the hospitality industry

A complete & connected solution

An essential tool in hotels and residences to optimise digital marketing, communication and general information displays


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What is Digital signage?

Digital signage by Wifirst is a software solution which is installed on to a compatible screen, enabling dynamic and vibrant content to be presented, including online elements such as a Twitter feed or local weather information, for example. The administration portal is accessible via a simple web interface, providing your staff with an intuitive and easy to use tool to update new content whenever needed, 24/7.

An easy to use system, with a powerful impact on your hotel or residence business

Manage your screens centrally

Wifirst's cloud-based service allows management of one or multiple screens across many different locations remotely, for optimum efficiency.

Transform your screens into a media-rich communication asset

Screens are well known to be a very effective medium for conveying information. 75% of people passing a screen will retain the content displayed in comparison with as little as 44% for a conventional display.

Profitable digital marketing

In addition to being reasonably priced, the Wifirst digital signage system can present a great return on investment by providing the capability to render advertisements from partners or local businesses too.

A connected service

Wifirst's hospitality digital signage solution is completely cloud-hosted, meaning that there is no additional equipment needed, as the screen when connected to a Wifirst network, seamlessly downloads new content on demand. Updating new marketing material to the displays can be easily carried out using any computer internet browser, tablet or even a mobile device.


A universal solution for the hospitality industry

Universal Software - Compatible with the vast majority of digital display screens and Smart TV's. Even most incompatible screens can be used, providing they have an HDMI input.

Universal Media -  All content, regardless of the format, can be uploaded. High-quality images, HD Video, Audio and Internet Streams can all be combined to produce an engaging display for your digital signage screen.

Universal Implementation - Adaptable to all business types from Hotels to Student Accommodation or Senior Living (and even Retail), the Wifirst Digital Signage solution can be deployed wherever a screen can be installed.

A simple yet feature-rich interface

The content management interface is very easy to use, abundant in functionality, and allows web management of all screens within an individual site or a group with just a few clicks. Additionally, a wide selection of new campaign templates are available to customise, ready to provide a personalised brand experience for your business.
The interface grants several different administration levels depending upon the stakeholder position to ensure all staff have the correct level of access rights.


How does it work?


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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our digital signage service for hotels and residences.

How easy is it to get up and running?

All display screens are connected to a dedicated VLAN on the Wifirst Network, software is installed on each screen, and users are trained on how to use the management platform. Wifirst will take care of everything to ensure you're thrilled with the system and very comfortable with how to use it to promote your business.

Are there any requirements?

Our Hospitality Digital Signage Solution can only be installed onto a Wifirst network. If however, your WiFi or Data Line needs to be updated, we can help. You will also need to have a compatible screen, and we can assist here too if needed.

What's the difference between a TV and display screen?

Display screens differ from televisions in several ways:

  • TV's have a built-in tuner which enables television channels to be displayed. Displays, however, typically do not have a tuner built-in as standard.
  • Displays are designed to remain switched on for extended periods. Therefore, different screen panels and cooling techniques are often used by manufacturers to give prolonged product lifespan.

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