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Yeatheridge Farm Caravan & Camping Park: fast rural WiFi connectivity

About Yeatheridge Farm

Yeatheridge Farm Caravan and Camping Park in mid-Devon has belonged to the Hosegood family for many years. As a true family business, the Hosegood family kept their company true to their Devonshire roots. They care deeply about their land, the animals and their county and countryside and have created a space reflective of this admiration. They enjoy sharing their surroundings with other people and hope their guests enjoy the time shared in the camp and caravan park. You can be sure of a very warm welcome.

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The problem

Yeatheridge had a WiFi set-up in place which did not provide adequate coverage of their vast outdoor space, leaving caravans and campers with limited connectivity in an area with very little mobile phone coverage. With a home broadband designed for personal use and not business use, they attempted to get connectivity to the outdoor spaces by placing extenders throughout the campsite. Although, this unfortunately resulted in  guests receiving a slow and unreliable WiFi service.

The challenge

Yeatheridge Farm is a superb rural escape in the mid-Devon area suitable for the whole family. Part of their offering is their vast choices of facilities: from a restaurant, a bar, to its own shop, two indoor heated pools, a games room, riding stables and fishing lakes, guests have everything they need at their convenience. The objective was to provide excellent WiFi coverage of a very large and diverse campsite, which in the WiFi world can be slightly intimidating. 

The results

Careful planning was required ahead of the installation to ensure the wireless access points were able to connect into the network infrastructure. Our client kindly assisted with digging necessary trenches to cross pathways and keep some of the cabling safely out of sight. Outdoor APs also needed a bespoke unobtrusive mounting solution.  To meet this requirement, we custom-made wireless access point masts, minimising the impact on the wonderful resort views.

Yeatheridge Farm now has excellent WiFi coverage, supplied by a solid Fibre core network providing seamless connectivity to the entire resort and all outdoor spaces. 

Yeatheridge also wanted to offer a tired WiFi service of both free WiFi access alongside a faster service that their guests can choose to pay, presenting a new and immediate additional revenue stream.

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Paul Mareek
General Manager of the Escota network