2020 brand campaign

Sarah Battoue (UK)
20 Oct 2020

Discover our new brand campaign "Working behind the scene" which we have focused around our technical expertise and ability to serve customers by delivering a hassle-free, dependable and fast managed WiFi service.

After our previous campaigns,'The WiFi Super-Heroes' (2017) and 'The art of connecting' (2018-2019), we are adopting an approach which illustrates the human side of our business, and our customers.

Indeed, Wifirst, as a B2B operator, works continuously behind the scenes to ensure our customers businesses shine: by saving them time, guaranteeing the speed they need, and by supporting them through their digital transformation.

The fundamental responsibility of our business is to ensure that our customers are happy with the services we provide. Therefore, we have chosen to revisit an area of communication we explored three years ago with The WiFi Super-Heroes, examining the benefits of our unique service. However, on this occasion, we will be taking a more customer-centric approach by reviewing our solutions from a customer perspective.

Through a series of visuals portraying both "business" and "customer" WiFi, we have created a play on words and images:

  • The user's shadow is replaced by another, WiFi-shaped shadow coupling the text. It is because we are behind our customers, we are by their side, that users can focus on their professional and personal issues.
  • Our signature strengthens our intent: we are an internet service provider, supporting professionals and end-users.
  • We also reconvene the message that we are a company as efficient as it is innovative. A member of the Friendly WiFi Scheme, and an Ofcom registered service provider.

Business WiFi, at the heart of professional productivity

Regardless of the business type, whether hotels, campsites, student residences, companies or even military bases, we see many benefits that our WiFi service can bring to a variety of different business sectors. Connectivity is at the heart of our operations, and we believe that it can genuinely improve the operational efficiency of all teams, whether in a bank, a hotel, a warehouse or a care home.






A single solution but varied services

Each end-user has different expectations depending upon their user profile. This is one of many challenges our R&D teams are engaged with to ultimately make the WiFi we provide a technical hub, ready to accommodate a variety of services adapted to the needs of each user. It is this specific experience that we want to share through our illustrations.

In care homes, for example, video calls and the sharing of photos helps families to maintain relations, critical for the well-being of often isolated residents:



In a student residence, the challenge is to ensure high-bandwidth and secure connectivity "just like at home" but in a collective context: because access to high-performance internet connectivity has become essential for both studying and put simply for the convenience of students, following the growth of bandwidth-intensive applications, hardware and content streaming.



Hospitality professionals seek to offer an ever more exceptional travel experience, with quality free WiFi for travellers. Wifirst, therefore, provides high added-value services: through innovations such as Stream & Cast for example, which allows customers to broadcast content on their guestroom TV (thanks to our "Room Area Network" technology working in harmony with the Chromecast product developed by Google).



The outdoor hospitality industry also endeavours to offer additional amenities to travellers. An essential component of this is high-quality, secure and efficient WiFi to guarantee guests remain connected wherever they may be throughout the complex.



The list of innovations and sectors in which we operate is long and varied. But there is one thing in common: they all require efficient and secure internet access, which Wifirst provides as standard.


A living brand campaign

Our 2020 campaign has been designed to represent those who drive us: our customers. Our hope is that they will be able to relate to this approach, which puts the human touch at the heart of our business.

Our campaign will also be available on LinkedIn, touching both our existing network and potential candidates. By all means, who doesn't want to partner with an innovative company that promotes well-being and innovation through connectivity in remarkably varied sectors?