Wifirst signs a 2-year partnership with The Class of 2020

Sarah Battoue (UK)
02 Nov 2020

As a leading super high speed WiFi provider for student accommodations, we have decided to engage in the thinking around the future of the urban campus ecosystem, by signing a 2-year partnership with The Class of 2020, a partner-based think tank for the future of living, learning and working in university-cities.

The partnership will allow us to be part of The Class Conference 2020 and sponsor for the many regional sessions set to take place around Europe for the next two years, where we will engage with the different players of the students accommodations market, in order to reflect on the future of living, learning, and working in University-cities. 

In the Wifirst Student Accommodation business unit, our goal is to ensure that students receive a class-leading WiFi service that is both stable and fast, in their accommodation. In order to do so, our in-house Research, Development and Innovation teams help student accommodations organizations to accelerate their digital transformation by building strong network foundation to power services answering the new usage of the internet. 

Among our in-house innovative products & services, we introduced the Private Area Network, allowing students to get a Private WiFi like at home, accessible anywhere throughout a whole residence without compromise on security. 

It is our response to the strong expectation of students for these solutions that make the streaming experience easier (to listen to music with connected speakers, play on a gaming network with their console or simply use a WiFi printer).

In terms of consumed data, 70 GB is the average use per student each month on the Wifirst park, with Netflix as the #1 application (26% of the content cast), followed by Google (22%). Then come a wide variety of applications such as Facebook (10%), Akamai (7%) or Twitch (5%).

Operating WiFi services in over 325k+ student accommodations and 730k+ rooms overall in the EMEA region. Our understanding of student and operators expectations has been key to our success in delivering a robust service and we want to go further : “To facilitate our ambitions to develop the business and better support our clients, we will continue to enhance our knowledge of this market, and our partnership with The Class of 2020 will be a real source of inspiration and reflection to always better support our partners and the students' demand for  high quality service,” said Pascal Aureau, UK country manager.

Wifirst will attend the first regional Class of 2020 on February 24th in London. To come and meet us you can register here.