Wifirst contributes to Coliving Insights: Co-Tech: Innovating Coliving with Technology

Sarah Battoue (UK)
02 Apr 2021

Our technical sales Director, Vince Jouan is delivering our vision of "WiFi as a service" evolution in the newest edition of Coliving Insights,Co-Tech: Innovating Coliving with Technology.

This edition includes 140+ pages of insights from 25+ contributors that dive deep into the significance of technology solutions that we find within the real estate industry, and explore how to integrate them to innovate and enhance your coliving space, experience, operations, profitability and sustainability. 


Our article, page 54-56, come back on the essential role of WiFi in our day to day life but also for the futur of coliving as WiFi in coliving spaces cannot be compromised. The WiFi as a Service model does more than give you WiFi. It offers a turnkey service based on a virtuous model with commitments to quality, availability and scalability over time. 

"As the European leader in managed WiFi in all sectors of collective accommodation, we are well placed at Wifirst to know that connectivity has become a critical element contributing directly to guest satisfaction, whether in short-stay or long-stay accommodation formats." confirms Etienne Détrie, Marketing Director at Wifirst

The publication can be downloaded by clicking here.

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