Paddock Paris

Introducing Paddock Paris

Unveiled in late 2019, Paddock Paris stands out as a unique brand village, commonly recognised as an "outlet," situated on the outskirts of Paris in Romainville. Conceptualised and brought to life by the esteemed real estate firm Fiminco, this contemporary shopping destination breathes new life into the carefully refurbished former stables of Paris.

Paddock epitomises a modern, delightful, and environmentally responsible living environment, emphasising the fusion of Style, Art, and Food at its core. The establishment encompasses 17,000 square meters for premier shopping with 123 major brands and an additional 4,000 square meters dedicated to dining, hosting 10 restaurants and a food court. Its unique appeal is complemented by its adjacency to the Fiminco Foundation, an expansive artistic space spanning 46,000 square meters.


Project background

Under the leadership of property developer Fiminco, the Paddock Paris project embarked on a robust mission: to redefine the shopping experience. Acknowledging the increasing indispensability of connectivity in shopping centers, Fiminco sought not only to install a WiFi guest network but to position Paddock Paris as the most connected shopping center in France.

The primary goal was to establish a resilient network capable of accommodating a diverse array of connected activities, including those with the highest bandwidth demands. Wifirst, leveraging its capacity as a telecom operator and expertise in WiFi networks, played a pivotal role in transforming this vision into a reality.

Challenges addressed

  • Providing high-speed, high-availability Internet access
    Wifirst has provided very high-speed dark-fiber Internet access. To ensure maximum availability, not only is the dark fibre access redundant, but the route of the second dark fibre is also different from the first.

  • Covering the entire outlet and parking lots
    Fiminco wanted to cover both the outlet - outdoor environment - and the parking lots - indoor environment - in order to have a complete coverage of the shopping center. Wifirst deployed an infrastructure based on Cisco switches and Ruckus access points adapted to the specific environment.

  • Supporting very high connection volumes and high-consumption applications
    In line with Fiminco's specifications, Wifirst proposed a very high-density WiFi network capable of handling colossal data flows simultaneously. The continuity of performance levels between the Internet access and the wireless infrastructure enabled us to meet Paddock Paris' requirements.

Concrete results

Wifirst enables Paddock Paris to uphold its promise of being the most connected shopping centre in France. The outlet's teams can rely on extraordinary connectivity to deliver a unique shopping experience through the following infrastructure :

  • Two 2 Gbps dark fibres to ensure dual-path internet access with differentiated routing
  • Ruckus T310 access points for outdoor areas and R310 for indoor zones
  • Cisco SG350 switches to connect the access points.

The quality of Wifirst's service relies not only on the quality of these equipment but also on:

  • A precise deployment facilitated by a coverage audit before installation and a methodology created by our engineering teams and applied by all Wifirst certified technicians.
  • Preventive, corrective, and evolutionary network maintenance through our Network Operations Center in Paris and our network of partner technicians.
“We're very proud that our managed WiFi service is the heart of the reactor at France's most connected shopping center. Our teams did a fantastic job connecting Paddock with redundant internet access via dark fibre, creating a high-density WiFi infrastructure that spans the entirety of the outlet.” 

David Berkowicz
Technical Director, Wifirst