Wifirst reaches a new milestone in providing WiFi service to over half a million rooms globally

WiFi as a service: a firmly established trend

Over the last two years, Wifirst has made significant inroads into the international market with its all-inclusive WiFi service. In a move reflecting the Company's ambitions, a top class 250-room hotel in Mayfair, London recently commissioned allowed Wifirst to reach a new important milestone, with half a million rooms now operated globally. Across the geographic zones in which it operates, Wifirst stands out as a clear leader thanks to its WiFi as a service vision and delivering an offer that includes installation, initial set up, WiFi network management, creation of a tailor made interface, and dedicated support customised to each specific professional requirements.

More than a prerequisite, WiFi is now a fundamental service layer for all organisations

As well as being essential in terms of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, WiFi is also the technological enabler for organisations in order to fully adapt to the expectations of an increasingly connected world and anticipating the new technological challenges. All WiFi-enabled devices can of course connect to the Wifirst network. Whether for household fittings (e.g. roller shutters, WiFi locks), smart TVs or corporate devices, WiFi accelerate the development of the Internet of Things and makes it a reality. According to Marc Taieb, Wifirst's chairman: “At Wifirst we have developed the first super-fast broadband WiFi platform that has been specifically designed to provide a seamless, instantaneous and homogeneous internet connection. But this is only the technical foundation of further value added services. We believe that a high-performance WiFi network will be the rock solid infrastructure on which our partners can build the IoT. And we have anticipated the way this kind of technology will be used in the future to make it more accessible and future proof.”

New record for the Wifirst platform

Since inception in 2002, Wifirst always had a strong focus on innovation. The company's R&D team is constantly upgrading its solution in order to ensure that the Company remains one step ahead, in a constantly evolving environment in which innovation is key and users expect increasingly high standards. WiFi access is now a key decision factor when choosing an hotel. By improving the WiFi architecture of a hotspot, Wifirst is able to deliver best-in-class broadband connectivity. The company's technical team has designed and developed a solution that is both robust and secure. Realising the importance of providing a high-performance, cutting edge WiFi Service, hotel chains such as AccorHotels, the Barrière Group, Radisson Blu and Holiday Inn have joined the list of organisations that have chosen the Wifirst platform to ensure the provision of this truly essential service to their guests.

Release date
November 24th 2016

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Wifirst – Sarah Battoue
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