Wifirst - Appointment of Arnaud Lejeune as Group CFO

Wifirst announces the arrival of Arnaud Lejeune as Group Chief Financial Officer. His appointment comes as part of the group's development lead by the management team with support of Amundi PEF, Bpifrance and Socadif Capital since October 2019.

With an engineering degree from Arts et Métiers, Arnaud was previously a partner at Hottinguer bank, which he had joined 13 years ago and where he notably accompanied Wifirst, from the entry of the Bolloré group into its capital in 2006, until its exit which he piloted.

His main missions are to support the growth of the group through the financing of organic developments and the achievement of external growth as well as the management of investor and lender relations.

Wifirst has achieved an average growth of more than 30% over the last ten years, reaching nearly 60 million euros in turnover at the end of 2019. Since its establishment, around 115 million euros have been invested in the creation of its own core network, with a development ambition driven by:

  • The continued deployment of its infrastructure, in France and abroad, in its historical markets but also in new ones (retail, healthcare, etc.);
  • A constant innovative approach offering a robust network capable of absorbing the exponential increase in Internet usage;
  • The growth of its value-added services enabling its customers to implement their digital transformation;
  • The implementation of external growth operations in France and abroad.

Release date
2020 - February 3rd

Press Contact

Wifirst – Sarah Battoue
+33 (0)7 85 73 45 82

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