Record breaking traffic for Wifirst in the hospitality market!


70 GB per month per room- this is the new data consumption average across our hotel portfolio and it is almost 3 times more than in 2020. A spectacular development with 17.8 million users in 2022 which can be explained both by the continued growth of the Wifirst customer base in Europe and the evolution of internet usage linked to the digital transformation of hotels.



Digital transformation: from modernisation to avant-garde

Technological excellence is Wifirst's most recognised indicator for conquering this historic market. Whether it involves the leaders in the sector - Accor, Barrière, Club Med, Louvre Hotels or even The Ascott through the Citadines brand in Europe- or independent establishments that are positioning themselves through innovative experiences, the list of hotels drawn in by the model " as a service” from Wifirst is getting longer and longer. 

With its multi-service infrastructure, Wifirst offers a world of possibilities:
  • Travellers have the option of checking in via their mobile device, downloading keys to their smartphone and benefiting from a truly connected "in-room" experience.
  • On the business side, employees can now use mobile applications for the management of the establishment (PMS or Property Management System), connected tablets for catering, digital signage, collection terminals and maintenance management.

Stephane Mayere, Information Security Officer & Digital Innovation Director EU at The Ascott explains:

With Wifirst we achieved the implementation of several networks on a single infrastructure, guarantying security and quality to our guests and staff all over our European properties. Our partnership is wider than the WiFi - we rely on Wifirst' teams for everything related to connectivity.

Thanks to Wifirst's multi-service WiFi, hotels are now ready to welcome the latest connected services: digital signage, VoIP and also a personalised Chromecast service in the room. Innovations in-line with travellers' expectations and the omnipresence of video formats in all day-to-day applications.
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