TSH Campus Marina is changing to high-end WiFi to meet its customers’ demand

The Student Hotel has chosen the European operator Wifirst to connect its Campus Marina residence in Barcelona. This partnership has arisen as part of the modernisation of the facilities and services of the establishment previously known under the name of Melon District

A comfortable and connected living space

The TSH Campus Marina is the largest student residence in Barcelona. It offers over 500 fully-fitted rooms and studios, kitchens, flexible co-working spaces, lounges, libraries, TedTalks cabins, ping-pong tables, sports hall, restaurant, laundry, meeting rooms, lecture theatres and swimming pool. 180 WiFi access points have been installed and connected to the internet by Wifirst.

A renowned experience in the student world

A pioneer of WiFi as a Service, Wifirst has been connecting student residences since 2003. The operator currently covers over 300,000 student lodgings, which makes it the undisputed leader of student WiFi in France. Its detailed knowledge of the sector has enabled Wifirst to develop unique expertise in user-dense environments and with a demanding clientele. Students have very intensive bandwidth usage (on average 60 Gb per month per student) and tend to connect at similar times in the evening. On the basis of this experience, Wifirst met the challenge for The Student Hotel by sharing bandwidth fairly among the users at its Campus Marina establishment for an even better performing internet connection.

Release date
July 11th 2018

Press Contact

Wifirst – Sarah Battoue
+33 (0)7 85 73 45 82

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