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About Commscope Ruckus

Ruckus is redefining connectivity to create innovative solutions that deliver world-class experiences and solve the toughest industry challenges. Founded in 2002, Ruckus, originally "Ruckus Wireless", is a true pioneer in the field of Wi-Fi. Acquired by Commscope, a telecoms equipment behemoth, Ruckus continues to rely on R&D to innovate every year and establish itself among the industry leaders.

The Wifirst teams, trained, certified and highly experienced, are best placed to support businesses in the deployment and management of their Ruckus infrastructure in managed service mode.

We now operate more than 150,000 Ruckus WiFi hotspots, a number that is continually evolving. What's more, we regularly exchange with the Ruckus technical teams to share feedback, being by virtue of our position as a WiFi operator, one of the biggest users of their equipment in Europe.

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WiFi Ruckus: Your WiFi hotspot with Wifirst

WiFi Ruckus: products certified by Wifirst

Wifirst has been integrating Ruckus solutions into its service offering for over 10 years. We operate more than 150,000 Ruckus WiFi hotspots at our customers' sites. Ruckus WiFi access points, both indoor and outdoor, feature extraordinary patented technologies to ensure superior connections and exceptional user experiences.

WiFi 6, WiFi 6E, WiFi 7, Ruckus has a broad depth of dedicated equipment for businesses.

Why Ruckus WiFi hotspots?

  • The quality of the products supplied by Ruckus Commscope meets Wifirst's specifications, both in terms of deployability and operability (radio performance of Ruckus WiFi kiosks, network functionalities, integration of an IoT ecosystem, wealth of APIs available, centralised management platform, equipment design, etc.)
  • Wifirst engineers successfully integrated Ruckus equipment into our integration and monitoring platforms, giving our NOC the ability to operate a very high quality service.
  • We operate Ruckus equipment at thousands of customers in various industries: defence, hotels, student residences, offices. We have a perfect command of the entire production chain of a WiFi service in Ruckus.

Why entrust your Ruckus WiFi project to Wifirst?

Beyond our expert skills on Ruckus WiFi products and switches, we offer businesses a service mode vision of network infrastructures aimed at saving them time and money through impeccable quality of service, everywhere and all the time.

We're talking about "WiFi as a Service":

  • Our engineers will be able to give you the best advice to design the architectures best suited to your needs.
  • Our "Delivery" teams will take care of deploying your state-of-the-art network (audit, Ruckus WiFi deployment, MES).
  • Our operations department will supervise and maintain the infrastructure in operational condition in all circumstances.
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Success stories WiFi Ruckus

Success stories Wifirst x Ruckus literally number in the hundreds! Feel free to visit our page dedicated to all case studies.

Here is a video co-created with the Ruckus teams to showcase the service provided in all Groupe Barrière hotels and casinos.

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